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Helping you to make the best decision when hiring.

We can help you find the career you’re looking for.

Providing complete support in your strategic planning process.

With our experience, we can help with ideas and support for setting goals.

Helping your organization facilitate the peaceful end of conflict and retribution.

Our experienced associates can provide board workshops and other customized services.

We have completed varied professional searches and services for school districts, ESAs, technical/community colleges, and non-profit associations. We are honored that the Association of Educational Service Agencies has chosen us as a primary partner in ESA executive searches. Through this partnership, we have access to a wide network of ESA leadership professionals from which to recruit, and seek nominations and references.

We provide a wide range of support services to schools, educational service agencies, and education professionals including executive recruitment, strategic planning, and other professional services.

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We see each client organization as unique, thus we strive to tailor our services to each client. We always will be present, accessible and flexible, and strive to find the right person for each organization.

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